Complex Ovarian Cyst

What is it?

A complex ovarian cyst is a type of cyst that has both solid and liquid components. Found in the ovary and encased in a thin wall, a complex cyst can appear to be exactly like a basic cyst.

However, complex cysts have a higher potential to become life threatening and should be treated quickly once they are detected.

There are several basic types of complex cysts that may develop. One is known as the dermoid cyst. This type is created using basic cells that are common to the human egg. In fact, it is possible for a cyst of this kind to even have some properties that make it appear to be like an embryo, with hints of hair and teeth embedded in the body of the cyst. While a dermoid cyst rarely become cancerous, there is the chance that it could twist on itself and cause great harm to the ovary.

Another example of the complex ovarian cyst is known as the endometrioma. A cyst of this type is usually developed using tissue that separates from the wall of the uterus. In time, that tissue helps to form a sac that attaches to and permeates the ovary. Because a cyst of this type can not only cause a lot of damage to the ovaries but also the surrounding organs, medical treatment should commence immediately after identifying the presence of the growth.


Cystadenomas are cysts that are filled with a combination of liquid and mucus. A complex ovarian cyst of this type has the capacity to become quite large and cause you a great deal of pain. They also have a tendency to twist on themselves, which only helps to make the pain greater.

There are several basic causes that can lead to the development of complex cysts. Many of them are the same root causes that can trigger the development of any type of ovarian cyst. These include obesity as well as a family history among close female relatives who have experienced the development of a complex ovarian cyst.

An immune system that has been weakened by illness or even by prolonged stress may pave the way for a cyst of this type to develop and grow. If you have been ill lately, under a lot of stress, or have a mother or sister who has a tendency to develop ovarian cysts, you are at greater risk of developing a complex cyst yourself.

complex-ovarian-cyst-2 In terms of treatment, healthcare professionals may choose several different approaches to dealing with a complex ovarian cyst. Some will choose to treat any symptoms that manifest while monitoring the condition of the cyst. However, many feel that once the cyst has been identified as complex, there is no need to delay surgery.

Depending on the location and size of the cyst, it may be possible to use laparoscopy to remove the growth. However, there is also a chance that you may have to undergo a more intensive surgery that requires a larger incision.

Your doctor can assess your condition, help you understand and weigh your options, and decide on approach to treatment that is in your best interests.

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  1. Christina Bennett says:

    Rhonda Epperson Bailey I agree with you on this. Men just do not understand the woman's body at all!


  3. Sloto Mania says:

    I have had pelvic pain for 9 months now. Had a CT Scan recently and the finding was bilateral complex ovarian cysts. The right one is 5.7 x 4.2 cm and the left is 3.9 x 3.4 cm. My doctor thinks its nothing to worry about and thinks the pain I have is back related. Would really appreciate others opinions.

  4. Lorie Foote says:

    I'm having this don Monday I'm really nervous…I have fibromyalgia and a very severe case..Iknow that any surg takes me longer to heal from..Exsp using the gas affects the nerve endings in my shoulders and neck….

  5. Lorie Foote says:

    I'm having this don Monday I'm really nervous…I have fibromyalgia and a very severe case..Iknow that any surg takes me longer to heal from..Exsp using the gas affects the nerve endings in my shoulders and neck….

  6. Angela Yates says:

    found out I had a complex cyst, my doc just wants to monitor it but I want it gone. I told the doc to get rid of the thing since its hindering me having a baby with my husband.

  7. god am scared for next sat going for my cyst removed if it has grown :(

  8. Noni Sullivan says:

    I have a 14.4cm complex cyst on my left side which has crushed the fallopian tube & ovary, my only option is a full hysterectomy…not something I thought I would have to go through at the grand old age of 45 :(

  9. Noni Sullivan says:

    I have a 14.4cm complex cyst on my left side which has crushed the fallopian tube & ovary, my only option is a full hysterectomy :( not something I thought I would need at 45.

  10. Christina Williams says:

    I was just told by my doctor that the cyst on my right side is improving, but have found a “complex” cyst on the left. Because of the pain I was having on my left side, I already knew something was there. Anyway, I decided to come on this website to get more information on complex cysts and I’m discovering I should have asked my doctor more questions. I just left a message for her to return my phone call because I would like to know a few things that were mentioned in this article. Earlier she only suggested I have another ultrasound in March to find out if there are any changes. Now I don’t know what to think after reading this article. My main concern is how large the cyst is. Should I get a second opinion? I’m confused and anxious.

  11. Holly says:

    Hello I am 35 and have been sick for several months. I just recently had my 6th sono and now have a 5 cm complex cyst. I have not seen my doctor yet and I have been very scared by everything I read. I am hoping that my doctor will just remove at least my right ovary where the cyst is. I am a registered nurse and have been off work for one and half months. Becoming a little depressed and having lots of anxiety. I hope all turns out well for all the others who are having difficulties.

    • Tamika says:

      Hi, I am going through a similar situation and I was wondering how things turned out for you. I have bilateral complex cysts, and I just had blood drawn to test for tumor markers. I, too, am apprehensive. I’m having surgery in the next few weeks.

  12. Well I just found out I have a complex cyst about two hours ago. The doctors office called me with my sono results telling me I have to come in to discuss my treatment options. I hope they know what kind of complex cyst it is. She also told me it was a non-simple cyst with debris around it. She said it also explains my small hemorrhaging I have been having. She then asked if I was planning to have another baby. I told her that in the future I would have liked to. She replied well that is a shame and your only 27 years old. That made me wince. All I can do is pray for the best and deal with it like I have dealt with all my health problems since I was born.

    • Donna Montieth says:

      Im sorry vicky

    • Hang in there. Not sure why life is throwing all these twist at u, but u are a strong beautiful mother and I know u will make it past this. Call me if u need anything. Love u

    • Thank you Donna and Chrissie. I love you very much Chrissie and thank you for cheering me up. I will call you tomorrow and tell u what they say. <3 U!

    • O' dear! If there is a 'bright' side… At least you know what has been causing you such discomfort. Please keep us up on what the Dr. Has to say. Your such a strong young lady- you WILL pull through this, it will only make you stronger!! We love you honey. Call us if you need an ear. XO

    • Jocelyn Weiss says:

      thinking about you!

    • Moniqua Hawkins says:

      Oh gosh, this is not good Vic! I am sorry, I am hear, I am hoping for the best! Hug hug

    • Judy Fields says:

      Stay positive, Call me after your appointment.

    • Thank you everyone. I will keep y'all posted. Sorry Willie I sawdust Albrittain and thought it was Chrissie lol. Thank you willie for the kind words it made me are so sweet! I love you very much! My life has had alot of twists and one day i know I will get a break.

    • Catherine Rowe Borisuk says:

      I will be praying for you Vicky. Hang in there.

    • Dottie Goldsmith Moats says:

      Love you !

    • Hope things turn out for the best. Sending prayers your way.

    • Tina says:

      It just so happens I was advised this a.m., that I have a complex cyst on my R ovary. My dr is opting to recheck by ultrasound in 8 weeks.

    • Thank you everyone! I have to get a MRI so my doctor can tell the type of cyst. He also has done blood work. He said after all the results come back he will decide what to do. In the mean time I'm still having cramps and heavy Bleeding. This has been going on for the past 3 and 1/2 months. There has only been a five day break and a four day break where I haven't been bleeding. I was sent to the er last week to make sure I didn't need to be given blood. Between the cyst and the bleeding I'm super tired all the time.

    • If she thinks it is endometriosis look up in Google for Endometriosis Bible before you do a hystorectomy. Some of these doctors cut first before exploring additional options. This information has helped many people and I believe it was even on Dr OZ. I also have a complex Cyst and am scheduled for surgery on the 13th of May and have informed the doctor in writing that she is only authorized to take out the cyst and ovary if absolutely necessary. Just look into it. Or get several second opinions.

  13. lindsay says:

    this has helped clear up a lot of unknows for me i have recently been diagnosed with a colpexed cyst measuring 8 x 6.5 x 6 cm i was curious as to why the need for a departmental meeting on the course of treatment as i am pregnat but now i understand the severity of my condition thanks for the heads up.

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