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Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst - The Most Common Type of Cyst Reviewed Here

Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst

The Most Common Type of Cyst

One of the more common types is known as a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst. You may not have been aware that there are different types of ovarian cysts. Sometimes called a blood cyst or hematocyst, a hemorrhagic cyst can cause a great deal of pain, and may even rupture in some cases.

A hemorrhagic cyst develops when one of the small blood vessels located in the wall of a recently formed cyst breaks for some reason. Blood from the vessel then spills into the body of the cyst, causing it to begin swelling at a fairly consistent pace.

As the blood engorged cyst swells, it stretches the covering on the ovary, creating a great deal of pain. Generally, the pain is felt along the right side of the abdominal area, although some women find the pain seems emanate from the left side.

Along with creating a significant amount of pain, a cyst of this type will often begin to develop blood clots. The clots can further complicate the situation by restricting blood flow. This in turn increases the level of discomfort, as well as increasing the risk for some type of damage to the ovaries.

A Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst May Rupture

hemorrhagic-ovarian-cystWhile it is relatively uncommon, it is possible for a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst to rupture. When this happens, the blood that was encased in the cyst spills into the abdominal cavity. The pain will intensify noticeably when a rupture occurs, as well as increase the chances for infection in the cavity.

While a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst can cause a great deal of pain, there is not usually the need to undergo surgery. In many cases, the cyst will grow for a period of time, then begin to shrink and eventually disappear. Should you find the pain is noticeable enough to disrupt your day or keep you from sleeping soundly at night, your doctor can prescribe medication to help you manage the discomfort until the cyst shrinks.

hemorrhagic-ovarian-cyst-2 For the most part, cysts of this type are self-limiting. That is, they do not tend to spread, and are less likely to rupture than some other cyst varieties. However, this does not mean you should avoid working with your doctor to deal with the situation.

Monitoring the hemorrhagic ovarian cyst to make sure that it is beginning to level off and does not pose a threat to the ovaries is very important. Even if the cyst ruptures, there may not be a need for surgery; depending on the findings of your physician, taking antibiotics to help with the pain and to kill off any chance for infection will be sufficient.

In situations where surgery to remove your hemorrhagic ovarian cyst is necessary, many women can undergo a less invasive procedure known as a laparoscopy. This approach requires two or three small incisions that allow the surgeon to locate and remove the cyst with relative ease.

Assuming there are no complications during the surgery or the recovery period, you could be healed in as little as a couple of weeks. However, your doctor can tell you what to expect, based on the general status of your health, and any risk factors that would impact your recovery, such as obesity or the use of tobacco products.


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72 Comments on “Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst”

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  2. Mel Hartson says:

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  3. Mel Hartson says:

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  4. Leona Mattey says:

    I have a history of ovarian cyst since I was 12. Now the left ovary is shriveled however I feel like I have another cyst is that possible? My right ovary is good and never had a cyst. The left has been an issue for 20 years. Anyway, can a shriveled ovary still get a cyst? Thanks to all who help :)

  5. Mira Adan says:

    As someone has already said below. A good link to combat ovarian cysts is <3 <3

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  7. Danna Newton says:

    When I haad mine they will go away on their on but they can reoccur

  8. hey Danielle how large is your scar and what were your limitations afterwards?

  9. Crystal Bennett says:

    Nope, I thought it may be as easy as taking a needle and draining it, but nope requires surgery and they will not do unless it becomes a certain size. They say it usually will go away on its own after your cycle. Someone told me to try lysine supplement that it can help reduce the growth of cysts, but I have not tried it yet myself. Good Luck…feel the pain for you.

  10. Now if only I could get treatments for the one I have. Is there a way to just pop them without going to the doctor to do it? (lack of insuremnce and young age = not allowed to get treatment :( …)

  11. Lia says:

    I just came home from the ER today because I had been having intermittent pain in my lower left pelvic area. Last night the pain became worse and constant and I just couldn’t seem to get warm. Turns out that I have a 1 inch hemorrhagic cyst on my left ovary. I was given morphine which knocked out the pain and am now on Percocet and need to follow-up with GYN to monitor its growth. I just wanted to point out that the article and a couple other people keep saying that if it is a Hemorrhagic cyst, the pain will be on your lower right side. This is NOT always true! My cyst is on my LEFT side. Just be aware of this.

  12. Debbie Lambert says:

    Thank you to all who have posted here. I, too was just diagnosed with a hemmorhagic cyst. I had a partial hysterectomy in February full of complications and I never dreamed that now, my right ovary would give such a problem. I do have a history of cysts dating back to my junior year of high school. I am 50 now. I always had simple cysts that resolved on their own. This is very different, and the pain is horrible, can’t bend over without right side pain, can’t sleep on my right side anymore, etc… This pain and this cyst have been slowly growing since the summer. An ultrasound revealed it had bled into itself and I am to repeat the test in 6 weeks. I encourage you all to go to a gyn you can trust and keep on with following up. I am just so upset as I had an injury during my hystectomy to my ureter, and required abdominal surgery to repair the damage. So, this has not been the best year for me!!! However, I am taking it all in stride as best I can. Don’t worry about the cysts so much. They are common but nonetheless painful and disruptive. Stay vigilant my fellow sisters! :-) . Blessings to all!

  13. Carol Case says:

    I was just diagnosed with a right Hemmorragic ovarian cyst. However the pain is on the left side. I go back in six. weeks, if still there a biopsy will be performed …The, depo shot!! No more unwanted ovairion cyst anymore! : D

  14. Evelyn says:

    I was diagnosed with a 6cm
    haemorrhagic ovarian cyst just 4 days ago. In the ER I was given a very strong narcotic pain medicine. I was told they saw no reason to admit me. Then I was sent home with more medication, and instructions to rest. The pain meds have been of very little use. I would really like more of a permanent solution, instead of a “band aid” fix. Does anyone know of such thing? This is not my first cyst, and probably won’t be my last. I also have endomitriosis. Is there a connection with the two? I’m just desperate for answers.

    • becky says:

      I urge you to ask for a laproscopy. I was diagnosed in May with a haemorrhagic cyst and was advised it would disappear on its own. I was given painkillers, transamic acid tablets and then less than two months later On 21st July i was rushed into A&E after collapsing in pain when the cyst ruputed and burst, bleeding into my stomach. I was operated on, lost part of my ovary and fallopian tube on the left and am now infeetile due to the cyst’s complications. I had to have two blood tranfusions after the surgery and nearly died. It can be life threatning so please push all you can to get a refferal from your GP to a gynaecologist!

      Hope this helps


  15. fadwa says:

    i didnt had period and alot of pain i went to the dr she told me may be u have cyst she asked me to do 12 tests and ultra sound to know what kind of cyst that i have im about to do that tom am afraid and also im worried about pregnancy she said i dont know if u can think about that now am 25 years old

  16. Diana Kirst says:

    very good info, this page definitly helped.

  17. renee lewis says:

    Thanks so much for all the comments i was recently diagnosed with Hemorrhagic cyst and was worried sick ;does anybody know of natural way of treating them?

  18. Lucy Fishpool says:

    ive got a hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary and have been in hostpital from friday night to tuesday, ive been given paracetamol and codeine for the pain and have been put on the pill to prevent this from happening again ,,, I had the choice out of the pill or depo injection (depo injection every 12 weeks).

    • Diana Kirst says:

      I have the same thing, but I am looking for a good gyn now, i just had the ultrasound and got the results back last week from my primary, i'm in pain but not in the hospital, I hope everything worked out for you.

    • Lucy Danielle says:

      yeah i still get a bit of a pain every now and then but its bareable, hope your okay soon, when u go to the gym just be careful not to over do it .

    • Diana Kirst says:

      I am going to the doctor's this morning, I will let you know what she says, I found a dr yesterday afternoon who was willing to see me right away because the pain is so intense. I swear lastnight I thought I was in back labor and front labor. Everyday is getting worst.
      Thanks hun

    • Lucy Danielle says:

      gets any worse do what i did go to a&e cos they will keep u in and wont let u go home until the pain is better than what it wasd and they might put u on codeine and paracetamol

    • Diana Kirst says:

      The dr i went to see today scheduled me for a hysterectomy (partial) keeping my ovaries so I guess i will be dealing with this pain until the 1st wk of august. I don't mind having the hysterectomy because we have 5 beautiful kids, I just wish she would have given me something for the pain, instead she took me off the nuvaring and put me on the birthcontrol pill to help shrink the cysts on my ovaries but i don't think that's going to help with the golf size fibroids i have. Oh well I guess i will just have to deal with it. Thanks hun for all your feed back.

      • Michelle says:

        The Hysterectomy will take care of the fibroids as they should be in the uterus that the Dr plans to remove.

        • Amy Maiolo says:

          I had hysterectomy years ago for other reasons and am now dealing with 2 cysts the size of golf balls on my ovaries that now need to be removed. Wish I would of had my ovaries taken out way back when. These cysts are painful!!! Wish you all a speedy recovery.

  19. T Venkata Raju says:

    Is Haemorrhagic cyst of 41x31x18 mm size curable with medicine without going for surgery?

  20. Sarah says:

    Going in for a second opinion on my hemmorraghic cyst after an appointment last year. She wanted to try and treat it with new birth control (Murina, instead of copper T IUD). However, yesterday at my docs appt she referred me to a different OBGYN because I have had the same cyst and ongoing pain for at least 4 years.

    Anyone know if that is an absurd amount of time to have a cyst hang around?

  21. Shawna says:

    I recently went to the ER on Saturday and they did a CT scan and found a cyst on my rt ovary 3×4. They gave me pain meds n sent me home to follow up with my gyn. So I go in today to my gyn she said it was the hemoraghic cyst and to f/u in 6 wks. I tell ya this crap hurts to no end and the pain meds are barely touching it. On top of it all I think the gallbladder is acting up due to this. IDK but it hurts on the right upper quad almost under my ribs and radiates down n to the back. Iam thinking I c a new visit to the ER in my future :/

  22. ashlee says:

    Im 20 years old with no previous history of cysts. Back in December, I kept feeling like I had something hanging around in my abdomen. So I went to the local E.R. and had them run a pregnancy test and do a vaginal exam. The results were inconclusive so they gave me a shot of antibiotics and sent me home. About a week later I got abdominal pain around 4 in the afternoon, so I decided to take a nap. I woke up an hour later in so much pain. As the evening progressed, the pain spread from my vagina all the way up to my shoulders, I couldn’t sit stand or lay down. I was unable to void all evening and the pain just kept getting worse, finally around midnight I started uncontrollably vomiting and the pain kept me from crying. Needless to say, my mom decided I needed to go to the hospital once I went into shock. 14 hours later the hospital decided to give me an ultrasound to see if it was my gallbladder or what. Once they saw that it was a cyst they emergently brought me into surgery. They removed over 1200 mL of blood from my abdomen ( about a quarter of the blood in my body). I was so scared after the fact, and still are scared that it might happen again, this information helps to ease the mind. The weird thing is that the same thing happend to my aunt when she was 20.

  23. Danielle Kissling says:

    hi I have had cyst on my ovaries for 5 yrs now they come and go but recently my doctors put me on antibiotics that started in november ive been on several different ones since then. I just recently found out I have a retroverted uterus and a 1.4 x 1.6 cm hemorrhagic cyst, the pain for all this time is sooo unbarable bending over is torture, ive had several cysts removed but they keep comming back is it something I'm eating drinking or taking that is causing them? from taking all these different antibiotics I feel sicker I now have a head cold, I get night sweats, chills and fevers is that all part of the treatment of the antibiotics?

    • Hi! I've had cyst's since I was 12. I've had surgery to remove one as large as a soft ball. My Dr recommended Evening Prim Rose pills. Birth Control is the other alternative I was given, but I can't take it because i get way too moody.. HAHA. The prim rose worked very well for me, I had no pain, and no cysts. Hope i've helped :)

    • Cassandra Ford says:

      Amanda Moreton how much did you take


    many thanks

  25. Nurse says:


    I had a 5 by 5 by 6 CM cyst and did not require surgery. It was only ever midly painful and went away in 6 weeks when I had a follow up Ultrasound.
    Hope that helps,

  26. Roya says:

    Thank you to everyone for sharing their story here. It has given me great peace of mind and the desire to share my story. I am nearly half a century old and had never heard of hemorrhagic ovarian cyst. I went into Emergency Dept 5 days ago thinking I had bladder stones. The pain was excruciating, and still is. They thought it was my bladder or bowel. After a catscan and ultrasounds, they identified the cyst. They admitted me into hospital. The gyno told me it was a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, no surgery required until it goes away. They put me on morphine and kept me in hospital for 3 days. They discharged me. I’ve been home for 2 days, still with morphine type medications, pain, contractions, cramps, nausea. I had a hysterectomy and one ovary removed few years ago. I cannot believe the old shrivelled up ovary they left in me has now caused such significant pain and disruption to my life. I am unable to go to work. I’m not functioning well and sleep, well that is so disrupted. The pain is much much worse when there is wind or bowel movement about to happen. I take laxatives cos the morphine type medications make you constipated. Well, my number two today was green! I don’t know why they did not remove the cyst whilst I was in hospital. I don’t know how many days off work I am to have. It sucks!!

    • Hajra says:

      Omg! I am so sorry to hear the amount of pain you went through. How are you feeling now?
      Has it gotten any better as the year went on? What happened with work?

  27. Holly D says:

    I was having sharp pain in my right side (almost at the area of my liver) and notice it goes into my back as well, had dizziness/light-headed, nausea and overall crappy feeling when I eat. Went to the doctor and the first thing she says is “gall bladder”…well NO because I had my gall bladder out when I was 19 years old (I’m 36 now) and I had a hysterectomy (except for the ovaries) last year. After bloodwork (all came back great) and an ultrasound, it shows I have a 2.5cm haemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary. Now I’m supposed to wait 4 weeks before I get another ultrasound to see if it grew? Is this going to turn out to be cancer? My doctor said she didn’t think so, because my bloodwork shows there are not white cells, but it scares me. Can these cysts be cancer?

  28. Kerin says:

    I have had many different kinds of cysts on my ovary. I found that whenever I take NSAID’s they seem to appear and grow to abnormal sizes. They made that connection when I was younger and now, finding new doctors that understand NSAID’s give me ovarian cysts is very hard. I have had a doctor actually laugh at me and say “NSAID’s don’t cause ovarian cyst” I said they do for me and she replied “well you can think that but there is no medical reason for it.” But if you look it up there is a connection. Cysts are always painful and ruptures hurt more than anything. Narcotics sometimes don’t even work for me but most of the time they do. WATCH OUT FOR TORSION! It cuts off the circulation to your ovary and can kill the tissue. If the pain increases quick and is constant pain even when taking medication, go in right away.

  29. michelle says:

    I was recently (about a week) diagnosed with ovarian cyst, really wooried at first until i read your column. My right ovary, cyst is 12mm defined in the upper pole, and the left ovary is greater than 10 cubic cm. there is a 33x31x27mm(15ml) well defined cyst with multiple internal septae and no colour flow. Do i definately need to do a surgery, so far I have only had few cramps but nothing major.Can you give me some info. Thank you.

  30. Zizi says:

    If ur guys got all this proplem pls remember don’t go to subang jaya medical center which is dr.Christina tai fool min .she is very bad service and not a qualify doctor ….some more first time charges is damn expensive RM 500

  31. sabrina says:

    muito obrigado estava percisando saber disso..

  32. shahram says:

    oh Mandy sorry i forgot to mention your name in my comment….:D

  33. jillian says:

    I was digonsied with hemorragic ovarain cysts….mine do rupture and it is very painful! But the differance with the pain that I have noticed is…not to be grosse but if you have really bad gas or have to make a big bm and have been holding it in for a while…that realy sharp cramp like feeling is your cyst…mine do that before the rupture….then depending on my threshhold of pain off to the ER I go for a new script of narcotics…hope this helps u understand what u have been experiencing

  34. kayla says:

    well mandy i had my galbladder out a year and a half ago and just diagnosed with this cyst if ur havin galbladder pain itll be at the top of ur right side of ur stomach …the cyst is on ur bottom u can tell the difference by that both are painful in my books

  35. Ashley says:

    I have a history of cysts as well and had my gbladder taken out a year ago. It’s a different pain. My gall bladder pain was mainly in my upper abdomen and my ribs and back it felt like really bad gas bubbles. I was also extremely nauseous. I hope that helps.

    • Ann says:

      An ultra sound showed I have a 3.75 cm hemorraghic cysts. I have been having stomach problems such as gas, and acid. I feel bubbles on the right side of my stomach. I feel tightness in this same area. I get light headed and dizzy. I do not know what is going on. Doctors cannot explain it. I live in the Virgin Islands.

      • Ann says:

        Oh I forgot to mention that I went to the emergency room and the Dr. told me I may have galbladder disease. Couple days later, I had an ultrasound performed on my abdomen and showed that my galbladder looks normal. Could the Hemorraghic cysts be the main problem?

        • J.r. says:

          many people dont realize that just because an ultrasound of an organ looks ok doesn’t mean it is functioning properly. Ultrasound looks at stones, masses and cysts, it doesn’t tell function, or malignancy. Make sure your doctor checks the function of your gallbladder if you are having pain.

          • shannon says:

            If you want to find out about the function of your gallbladder you will need to have a hida scan done. It is a nuclear medicine procedure. Usually if we do not find a problem with a sonogram(ultrasound) the radiologist will recommened a hida scan. I am a diagnostic medical sonographer.

  36. dr.nanthini says:

    the pain caused by ur cyst will be in the rt lower abdomen, might also radiate to your lower back that is ur sacral region. The pain from ur gallbladder will be in our upper abdomen mostly ur rt, associated with nausea , vomiting, dyspepsia.

  37. Sam says:

    i had to have my gallbladder removed last year and I now have a hemorrhagic cyst as well, the only real difference I feel is the location of pain. Gallbladder is near the belly button and my cyst pain is between my hips. And when my gallbladder was acting up I couldn’t eat anything with out pain or throwing it up. Hope this helps! sammie

  38. Megan says:

    I was diagnosed with a gallbladder problem by an emegency clinic and prescribed pain meds. An ulrasound was scheduled and the only thing they found was a hemmorrhagic cyst on my Lt. ovary. I have a history with this type of cyst. I now need to schedule a laparoscopy to have it removed. I was told by my doctor not to do any running or aerobic workouts (etc. jumping, bouncing. . .) that may cause the cyst to flop and kink the fallopian tube which would result in tremendous pain and emergency surgery. This was the first time it had ever felt like a gallbladder problem tho. I f your gallbladder issue is not certain upon ultrasound then its more likely to be the cyst. No real way of determining the difference based on what the pain feels like.

    • Ann says:

      Ok, Now I am healed. I am much better now with Prayer. I went to the health food store and got some probiotics with different strains of live bacteria, and one of them is L Fermentum. It works well. I am still taking Birth control pills to strink the hemorragic cyst.

  39. Mandy says:

    I was recently diaganosed with a possible gall bladder issue and an hemmorrhagic cyst on my rt ovary. I dont know how to differentiate between the pain of these two things any advice on how to do that.

  40. Deana says:

    are these common in 50 year old women?

  41. Sarah D says:

    Thanks for this useful information. I was found to have an Haemorrhagic cyst on both ovaries (between 1-2 cm’s each) a few weeks ago after an ultrasound was called following excruciating pain during ovulation. The sonographer suggested a follow up, but the consultant has said she’s not worried and isn’t going to order another scan. I must say i’m concerned :( As if I haven’t got enough fertility worries without the possibility of losing an ovary in the future!

  42. Joyce Carter says:

    I am so thankful that this information is out there. I found out that my granddaughter has one of these cysts and I was worried sick about it until I read they are not cancerous and can be treated. Thank you so much for the information; it has eased my anxiety about my precious little granddaughter.

  43. Tarique Omum says:


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