Ovarian Cancer Survivor Stories

Inspiration and Hope from Ovarian Cancer Survivor Stories A woman who is an ovarian cancer survivor is an inspiration to those women currently fighting the disease. Women who have survived ovarian cancer are unbelievably tough and courageous. Ovarian cancer can be an intensely personal journey. There are many women out there who have fought ovarian cancer and … Read moreOvarian Cancer Survivor Stories

Celebrity Cancer Survivors Inspiring Others

Given their extensive media exposure, stories about celebrity cancer survivorsare abundant. Every year cancer takes the lives of huge numbers of people across the globe. It has no prejudice, striking down young and old, black and white, rich and poor alike. This means that celebrities are just as likely to be affected by cancer as the … Read moreCelebrity Cancer Survivors Inspiring Others

Clinical Trials for Cancer

What Clinical Trials For Cancer Are Available? There are several types of clinical trials for cancer. They include cancer prevention trials, screening trials to detect cancer earlier, diagnostic trials to identify cancer more accurately, treatment trials and quality-of-life trials to explore ways of improving the comfort of cancer patients and survivors. Another part of a … Read moreClinical Trials for Cancer

Radiotherapy as a Treatment for Ovarian Cancer explained

Radiotherapy is not usually used to treat ovarian cancer. It is occasionally used for stage 1c or stage 2 cancers and advanced cancers that are causing symptoms, but most women will undergo surgery and have chemotherapy to treat ovarian cancer. When used to treat early-stage ovarian cancer, it will likely be used after surgery to help get rid … Read moreRadiotherapy as a Treatment for Ovarian Cancer explained