Ovarian Cancer Survivor Stories

Ovarian Cancer Survivor Stories

Inspiration and Hope from Ovarian Cancer Survivor Stories

A woman who is an ovarian cancer survivor is an inspiration to those women currently fighting the disease. Women who have survived ovarian cancer are unbelievably tough and courageous. Ovarian cancer can be an intensely personal journey.

There are many women out there who have fought ovarian cancer and won. They can provide you with a great support network, or help you in various ways throughout your journey. No matter the prognosis a woman receives, an ovarian cancer survivor shows us that there is always hope. The stories from these women shine a light on the path you (or a loved one) may now be walking.

No ovarian cancer case is typical, but learning what a survivor has been through can help you know what to expect, as well as some things you may also go through. An ovarian cancer survivor is usually very happy to share their knowledge and experience. They want you to know that success and joining the group of survivors is possible.

Apart from reading about women who have survived ovarian cancer, it is also good to learn about the experiences women and men who have survived other types of cancer. People who have sought second, or even third opinions, those who have attended alternative treatment clinics, and those who have attended treatment centers that practice whole-body approaches to the treatment of cancer.

More and more, hospitals, doctors and treatment centers around the world are treating cancer with the full array of available treatments. With the belief that cancer affects the whole body, a holistic approach must be taken and the whole body must be treated. A combination of complementary, alternative, integrative and conventional treatments may be used.

Knowing the experience other cancer patients had at with these kinds of treatment is invaluable for those facing the same challenges to help in their treatment decision making process.

An ovarian cancer survivor can be an incredible advocate for raising awareness about ovarian cancer. Ginger Ackerman-Smith, an ovarian cancer survivor has gone as far as setting up a very successful organization, called the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance, to educate women about the symptoms and facts of ovarian cancer.

Ginger Ackerman-Smith says: “As survivors it’s very important that we share our knowledge with other women. This is such a tough disease and women don’t have any idea about it. It’s very important to educate women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. The symptoms can be so subtle and they mimic other common diseases.

Ovarian Cancer Alliance says awareness is ovarian cancer survivor 2best until there is a test. Not everybody feels like they can be an advocate, but you can tell your friends, even if you don’t go to a support group or don’t join an advocacy group, you can tell other people. There’s an old adage about if a woman tells a man she gives him some information, if a woman tells a woman, she tells the world.”

From what I have learnt from speaking to ovarian cancer survivors is that if there is anything you can gain from having cancer, it will be the ability to focus on and prioritize what is most important to you. You won’t take anything for granted anymore. Lance Armstrong has a saying that goes: “Remember me cancer? You made me who I am today.” I think this saying will hit home for many, if not all cancer survivors.

If you have the opportunity, join a gynecological cancer support group. There you will have the opportunity to meet and become friends with some really courageous and impressive women.

Support groups also provide a safe environment to share experiences with other survivors, learn new ways to handle difficult situations and talk about the emotions. You will see different styles of coping with stress and adjusting to life as an ovarian cancer survivor.

If you are uncomfortable talking about certain subjects with your family or friends, a support group offers you a place to talk freely about what is important to you. And if you are an ovarian cancer survivor, you can really make a difference to other women’s lives by increasing awareness about the disease, or helping other women through their journey.

Are You a Cancer Survivor?

If you have a cancer survival story, then our readers would love to hear about it. It may just be the inspiration our visitors need to help them overcome their battle with Cancer.

If you believe in Karma then this is your chance to contribute back to society, and and hopefully change someones life for the better. So please comment below with your story.