Ovarian Cancer Treatment

A number of factors will influence the choice of ovarian cancer treatment. These include the stage, grade of the disease, the histopathological subtype, the patient’s age and overall health. Some treatments are standard, while others are being tested in clinical trials for cancer. Researchers are continually in search of new, more effective treatments to combat ovarian … Read moreOvarian Cancer Treatment

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Considering a Complementary or Alternative Cancer Treatment for Ovarian Cancer? The terms alternative cancer treatment and complementary cancer treatment are often used interchangeably, but the fact is that they are two quite distinct forms of treatment. Alternative treatment refers to those therapies that are alternatives to the mainstream treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Complementary treatment refers to therapies or treatments that … Read moreAlternative Cancer Treatment

Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma – and how it is Related to Ovarian Cancer


Primary peritoneal carcinoma, also known as PPC, is a cancer that develops in the peritoneum. In many ways, PPC is much like an epithelial cancer that develops in the ovaries. However, a woman who has undergone the removal of both ovaries can still develop this particular form of cancer. PPC also goes by other names. … Read morePrimary Peritoneal Carcinoma – and how it is Related to Ovarian Cancer