Ovarian Pain

Ovarian Pain and What Its Trying To Tell You

While not every woman experiences ovarian pain during the early stages of ovarian cancer, those who do should listen to what the pain is telling them. Taking the time to do so can mean the difference between living many more years, or finding yourself with very little time left. Which group would you rather belong to?

Your pain is actually trying to alert you to the fact that something is not quite right. That discomfort that seems to be in the abdomen but is not exactly like a pulled muscle is attempting to convey the message that something is going on with your ovaries that needs prompt attention. The longer you ignore the pain, the greater chances that the pain will increase until you have no choice but to see a doctor. By then, it may be too late.

That pain is also letting you know that some other warning signs are also on their way. The exact nature of those other symptoms will vary, but they will only add to your general feeling of being unwell.

That odd feeling in your abdomen may soon be accompanied by aching in the lower back, a sharp ovarian pain or an overwhelming sense of fatigue even when you have rested well the night before.

Taking the time to have the pain investigated before other symptoms begin to develop could save valuable time, allowing the cancer to be detected sooner and increasing your chances for survival.

Essentially this is our body’s way of telling us to do something about it, and sooner rather than later. Even women who are very responsible when it comes to taking care of themselves sometimes tend to let other obligations such as family or career prevent them from seeing a doctor early on. Instead, they take care of everything and everyone else first, like the warm maternal beings that we are, rather than listening to our bodies. While understandable and very noble, would you really be doing your loved ones a service by putting off your own health needs?

The human body is a wonderful thing. It can let us know when there is hunger, when we are sad, and when something is going on that has the potential to hurt us in the long run. If you don’t listen to what your body is saying, you run the risk of waiting too long to deal with some sort of health problem, ultimately making treatment and recovery much more difficult. When you have ovarian pain that is connected to the development of ovarian cancer, you not only decrease your chances of dealing with the problem quickly and effectively, but also increase the chances that you will not overcome the cancer at all.

Current research suggests that women should get a checkup if they experience any one of the following symptoms, more than 12 times in a 4 week period:

  • Pelvic/Abdominal Pain
  • Feeling Full/Difficulty Eating
  • Increase in Urinary Frequency/Urgency
  • Abdominal Bloating

Don’t fail to listen to what your ovarian pain is telling you. While it is true that the pain may be due to something else, wouldn’t it be better to find out for sure, and have the problem taken care of? If it is something that can be fixed with some medication, you won’t have to deal with the pain any more. But if it is cancer, the sooner you begin to address the issue, the better chances you have of regaining your health and enjoying the rest of your life. I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough, as I’ve seen enough women leave things till it’s too late. Please don’t let this be you by becoming another statistic.