Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Knowing The Signs of Ovarian Cancer Could Save Your Life.

Many survivors of ovarian cancerknow that reading the signs of ovarian cancer is extremely important for early diagnosis and getting timely treatment. If you or someone you love is exhibiting some or all of the known symptoms associated with this form of cancer, here are a few of the reasons why you should recognize and act on those signs sooner rather than later.

First, you are not being an alarmist if you recognize that a particular pain, ache, or malfunction of some part of your body could be an indication of the development of ovarian cancer. While it is true that signs such as changes in appetite, a lack of energy, and pain in the lower back can just as easily be something else, there is no reason to not consider that you could be developing a tumor in or on your ovaries. Considering the possibility of cancer does not mean you are jumping to conclusions. It does mean you being responsible and are not attempting to hide from the possibility.

Another reason why accurately reading the signs of ovarian cancer is so important is that you will need some time to adjust to the reality of cancer if it is indeed present. Make no mistake about it; the idea of cancer of the ovaries can put fear into the heart of any woman, and anyone who loves that woman. You need time to deal with the disbelief, shock, anger, and numbness that is likely to follow a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. The sooner you can manage to move through all these emotions and finally get to the point you want to fight and win, the better off you will be in terms of your mental state.

Of all the reasons to listen to your body and recognize any symptoms that indicate the presence of ovarian cancer, the fact that you need to begin treatment now rather than later is easily the most important. If you take the time to recognize the signs of ovarian cancer, allow a doctor to order all the necessary tasks and analyze the results soon after you begin to notice something is not quite right, you gain valuable time.

Currently, when ovarian cancer is diagnosed in the early stages, the chances of survival for at least five years is around 93%. But the odds go down considerably the longer that treatment is delayed. Do you really want to take the chance that your abdominal pain is something else, and run the risk of allowing the tumor to grow unchecked? Without a doubt, the smart thing to do is to get moving as soon as you see any signs of ovarian cancer. It is all right that you are scared, even the bravest of women would be.

But knowing for sure, while extremely frightful, is much easier to deal with than not knowing. Don’t wait until it is too late. At the first sign of abdominal/ pelvic pain, appetite loss/feeling full, unexplained weight gain, constipation, heart burn, back pain, frequent urination or fatigue then call your doctor immediately.