Lance Armstrong Cancer

How he Overcame the Seemingly Impossible The Lance Armstrong cancer survivor story is truly inspirational, and the Lance Armstrong foundation, which he founded in 1997, has helped many people with cancer through advocacy and awareness campaigns, fundraising events and volunteer opportunities. At the age of 25, Lance Armstrong seemed invincible. He was one of the … Read moreLance Armstrong Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Mortality

Factors That Help Reduce Ovarian Cancer Mortality Rates The potential for Ovarian Cancer Mortality to decrease has greatly improved in more recent years due to the continued research into the nature and treatment of the disease. When the cancer is diagnosed early on, mortality rates are decreased substantially, making it possible to achieve a survival rate as … Read moreOvarian Cancer Mortality

Ovarian Cancer Metastasis: Everything You Need To Know

Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer metastasis can only add to the fears you may have after learning that you have ovarian cancer. While there is no doubt that prescence of metastasis is a serious situation, it is important to understand exactly what is happening, and what can be done to correct the situation. Ovarian cancer metastasis is … Read moreOvarian Cancer Metastasis: Everything You Need To Know

Understanding The Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

While many women experience the symptoms of ovarian cancer as relatively mild health issues, others find that at least a few of the different signs can be quite painful. In either case, treating the symptoms is part of the overall treatment for cancer itself. There are several approaches your doctor may employ, as well as some things you can … Read moreUnderstanding The Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer